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Order The Ultimate England Fan Cave Shed For Pre World Cup Kick Off Delivery | iLikeSheds

Order The Ultimate England Fan Cave Shed For Pre World Cup Kick Off Delivery

  • The Ultimate England Fan Cave World Cup Shed

    With the World Cup due to kick off in 3 weeks there is only 3 days left to order the Ultimate Fan Cave shed to ensure it is in place for the first game, Russia Vs Saudia Arabia, but 10 days left if you want it for the first England Game Vs Tunisia. 

    The Ultimate Fan cave came about as our shed manufacturing team have been getting increasingly excited and designing themselves into the mood for the world cup. The choice of shed style was easy with the broad opinion being that a pent shed was the ultimate fan shed, as most “old school” football stands were basically massive open sided pent sheds. Like all of our bespoke wooden shed range the Ultimate Fan Cave is made by hand from premium pressure treated timber and with enlarged framing, creating a solid and stylish wooden shed that will last. The decision of how to finish the shed was almost unanimous, there was one Scottish voice whose suggestions of what to do it were not that helpful but more of him later, and a hand finished cross of St. George with the tournament star was decided upon. Every side of the shed finished in a St George’s cross was deemed to be too much, imagine that, so the rest of the shed is finished in the England shorts blue. Windows were deemed to be surplus to requirements as they could distract from the game and get inadvertently broken during supporting, winning, losing and after game partying.

    The optional extra equipment fit is necessarily extravagant with fully fitted electrics being key to everything that the shed should contain. The choice of TV and surround sound is really a personal one but the curved screen does definitely help for space management. The Union Jack Fridge was deemed suitably inclusive for other home nations nationals who might be invited into the fan cave to watch the England Games.

    Russell, manging director of ilikesheds, stated “we are really proud to unveil the ultimate England fan cave shed and believe it will be an excellent venue to watch the world cup games in. And ilikesheds are happy to offer a complimentary upgrade and re finish should it need an extra tournament star come mid-July!”

    We believe that the previously mentioned unnamed Scottish employee views on the shed may have been affected by his lack of enthusiasm for the England success in the World Cup, a view strengthened by his “ABE” (Anyone But England) T-shirt. The pre-watershed, “off the record”, version of his opinion was “why would anyone want a shed to use for just 2 weeks!”

    Despite these "negative vibes" we are delighted with the project and cannot wait for the World Cup to start, come on England.

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