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How The UK Timber Shortage Is Affecting Sheds | iLikeSheds

How The UK Timber Shortage Is Affecting Sheds

  • Covid-19 has seen a change in the way that we are thinking about our gardens. Extended periods of time at home have lead to more of us wanting to do up the garden, or thinking about a new potential office space, separate to the house. 

    The demand for timber has increased during the lockdown periods. Pair this with the increase of coronavirus cases in Sweden - the biggest exporter of timber to the UK - meaning more delivery crews having to self-isolate and it is not surprising that there is currently a strain on the supply of timber to the UK. The past 2 winters being warmer also have not helped the situation, making the ground muddier and therefore making less than optimal conditions for tree felling. 

    These issues with the supply of timber paired with the increase in demand for garden buildings have unfortunately lead to many shed suppliers having to extend their lead times. This means that during a time when demand is higher than ever, you are looking at longer waits for your delivery to arrive. 

    Our aim it to get products out to our customer as quickly as possible. Our Marlborough range are currently shipping within 15-30 working days for sheds and 25-30 working days for summerhouses and workshops. This is one of the quickest lead times you will find for garden buildings during these difficult times. Check out our range of wooden sheds here, our workshops here and our summerhouses here and look for the name "Marlborough". Can't see anything that fits your needs? Either give us a call on 020 3795 0222 and press 1 to speak to a sales representative, or drop us an email at with your specifications and we can get a bespoke quote for your needs. 

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