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Why Do I Need a Shed Base?

  • So you're looking to build a shed in your garden. You may be looking at the space available to you and thinking "that's a nice patch of lawn, I'll just pop it here when it's built". Even if your lawn is flat and level, this is not an ideal shed base. Once the wet weather of autumn and winter arrive, your shed isn't going to be looking in a good way. The wet weather is not good for a wooden shed and can lead to the shed being susceptible to rot and can also affect the structural integrity of your building. Even metal and plastic sheds aren't safe as these buildings being built on a grass base can lead to the shed leaning. Your shed will thrive on a solid, stable base that lifts the shed off of the ground. 

    In some cases, you may not require a base for your shed. If you have a concrete area in your garden which will accommodate the shed, this would be ideal as long as it fits one key requirement - it must be level. This would be the same for paving slabs. Decking may seem like an ideal shed base, however it is not always suitable as it may not be suitable to support the weight of a shed. If it is a small shed that is being placed on the decking, this would be okay. If you were looking to place a larger shed on a decking base, it would be in your best interests to reinforce the decking to ensure it would be able to hold the weight of the building. 

    There are some alternative base options that you can choose if you're not looking to lay a permanent base. Wooden bases are available for almost every size and shape of shed which can be laid on grass - if the area is uneven, it will need to be dug out to even the ground before the base is laid, or you can purchase ground spikes from any good hardware retailer - these spikes can be dug into the ground at different levels to make the timber base a level base for your shed. A plastic grid base is also good to go on to a grass base - if the ground is uneven, this would need to be levelled prior to placing the plastic base. This base does come with a membrane that can be laid prior to placing the grids which will stop weeds from growing through. This can then be filled with pea gravel to help aid drainage, however this is completely optional. 

    Starting with a good foundation for your shed will prolong the life of the item and ensure that your shed serves you well for years to come!

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