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A Guide To Installing a Metal Shed

  • So you've decided to purchase a metal shed. Compared to wooden alternatives, this is a maintenance-free option that is fire-retardant and has the added benefit of not being prone to warping, splitting or cracking. The installation process for these sheds can be a bit trickier as they are not as simple as just affixing a few panels together. This guide will hopefully give you some tips and tricks if you decide to embark on this DIY adventure. 

    The most important thing to consider when building a metal shed is the shed base. The ideal metal shed base would be solid, level concrete that is at least 3 inches (75mm) thick. Paving slabs can also be used, however these would have to be completely level. The base for a metal shed is important as, unless you have purchased a separate timber floor kit, this will also provide the floor for your shed. Metal sheds are typically anchored directly into their concrete base. This has the benefit of making this a pest-proof storage solution as the shed being directly fixed into the base leaves no gaps for pesky vermin or bugs to intrude!

    Once the base is laid, prior to starting your build, we would recommend the single most important thing that you do is ensure that your drill/electric screwdriver has a full battery! Metal sheds come with a lot of screws and it will be very difficult on the wrists if you have to screw all of these by hand! We would also recommend keeping a square on hand so that you have check the angles of the shed during the build. Protective gloves are also a must as the edges of the panels are sharp - keeping your arms covered is also recommended to try to prevent catching yourself on these sharp edges. Before starting, lay all of your parts out, familiarise yourself with them and check that all the required parts are present. Giving the instructions a read through before starting can also be helpful. 

    We would advise following the manufacturer's instructions for the build of your shed, however the build is mostly from the bottom to the top - constructing the base of the shed, building and affixing the walls, constructing the roof and finishing with the doors. If your shed is being built where it is going to stay, the base frame can be anchored into the base at the time of building it, however as metal sheds are quite light, they can be built elsewhere and moved into position once complete and then anchored once in place. If your shed does not have an anchor kit accessory available, you can purchase this at any good hardware store. Hilti-bolts are recommended to anchor metal sheds in place. 

    Once your metal shed is built, we would recommend sealing all the bolts with silicone. This will help prevent water from seeping through the screw holes and help waterproof your new garden building. All that's left to do now is sit back and admire your handiwork!

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