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Pressure treated sheds are proving more and more popular due them not requiring additional treatment unlike standard wooden sheds. The treatment consists chemical process which prolongs the life of the wood and increases the durability and resistance against fungus and insects. The pressure treating process involves forcing a chemical solution into the wood under a huge amount of pressure. Most of the solution is then vacuumed back out of the timber. Even after this process, the wood will still consist of some moisture, it will then act like a sponge which helps the panels absorb more water. It is only when the wood has completely dried out that it will be water repellent. Which is why after the treating process the wood is then stacked to dry.

Our range of pressure treated sheds is growing day by day. Sizes starting at 3ft x 2ft and the largest being 14ft x 8ft. Many shapes and sizes also available. Including pent roofs which is a flat, sloping roof and apex roofs which are pointed roofs. Our range are extremely popular as we have popular sizes available and not-so popular sizes available. With the single door or double door being positioned in a choice of panel, such as the front, back or end panels. There is also an option for windows, or no windows. If you can’t find the exact design you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us as I’m sure we could have your perfect shed made for you. After receiving a lot of interest regarding mobility scooter stores, we have now introduced a range of these too. Not only do we offer pressure treated sheds and mobility stores, we have also recently introduced a range of bike stores which are available in many sizes. The bike stores are not just perfect for bike storage, they can also come in as a useful mower shed to store your lawn mower and garden tools. The benefit of the bike stores is that they are slightly shorter in height compared to standard sheds. Perfect if you have limited to space. Our newest addition to the pressure treated range is summerhouses which are perfect for those summer months entertaining and BBQs.

Bin stores are also available which are also increasing in popularity due to their beautiful design. Adding one of these to your front or back garden creates a much cleaner and tidier place to store your bins. The bin stores are available in a number of sizes, such as a single bin store to store just one wheelie bin. A double wheelie bin store for two wheelie bins. We even have a triple wheelie bin store available to store 3 wheelie bins. Combined bin stores are also available which consist of wheelie bin storage and recycling box storage. The bin stores consist of a large front door so you are able to remove and insert your wheelie bin with ease. Also a lifting lid so you can add your rubbish without removing the whole bin from the store.

Pressure treated log stores are available too. Perfect for keeping those much needed logs neat and tidy throughout the year. These are also available in a number of sizes.

As previously mentioned, if you cannot find the exact size, shape or design you are looking for there is no need to worry. Our pressure treated sheds are made to order due to the pressure treating process, so if you require one of the pressure treated sheds slightly different, maybe minus a window or an added window, or maybe you would require the door positioned differently or even possibly under the unusual circumstance that you cannot find the size you are looking for – please do not hesitate to contact us as it is likely we can have it made for you.

The pressure treated sheds are delivered in pre made panels so it can be easily transported preventing damage to your shed whilst in transit. This also makes it easier to you to lift and move to where you require your shed to be built. If you need to take the panels through your home – please contact us first so we can be sure the panels will fit through standard home doorways.

Your delivery will include the full instruction manual and fixings. The fixings you receive will include all the screws and nails you will need to carry out the installation of your new building. 

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, we do not offer an installation service on our pressure treated range of products. Therefore, you would need to carry out the build yourself with the help of a friend – we always recommend two people build the shed. Alternatively, you could source a local handy-man or landscaper that would be able to carry out the installation for you.

We recommend all sheds are situated on to a solid, level, preferably a concreted or paved area. We also advise the area is cleared of any rubbish, leaves or soil. This provides a good, clean, clear area which makes the perfect space for your new building. We also advise you have a clearance of at least 1ft around your shed. There are a number of reasons for this, the first being it creates room to carry out the build. It also prevents any damage to the building. For example, if you have trees, bushes, shrubs or even a trellis or ivy trailing over a wall or fence, these all contain moisture from wet or damp weather for a period of time. Over this time, constant moisture from any of these can cause damage to your building. Wet weather alone is not a problem due to the pressure treatment allowing the rain to simply run off the building. So you can see the importance of the area being clear.

Even though these sheds and products are pressure treated and you are not required to treat them, this doesn’t mean you cannot paint them at all. You may wish to simply change the colour of your product which is perfectly fine. Why wouldn’t you want to make it your own?! To change the colour is quite simple. You just need to ensure you use a specialised paint for wooden, outdoor products. Our only advice would be to hold off of painting your shed for at least 4 weeks after you have installed it so you can be sure the pressure treatment has completely dried out before you paint it. Please refer to our website or call us to view and receive more information regarding our ever growing pressure treated range.

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Kelly Hudson, 27 Mar 2023

Really pleased with new garden shed arrived as described, no issues with delivery, putting together and no damage. Very happy with purchase looks great. Thanks guys

Austin Bishop, 10 Apr 2023

Brilliant website with very informative information. very easy to understand as regards all the items that were for sale. The ordering process was also very easy to follow and do. picking your delivery date again is very easy to understand and do. All in all, a very easy and pleasant experience well done to iLikeSheds.

Lynne Leedham, 24 May 2023

Really impressed arrived before due date, really sturdy and easy to assemble

Gina Glover, 9 Jun 2023

Great customer service, answered all the questions I had. Exceptional delivery service, delivery driver went out of his way to put my shed where I wanted it. Everything okay

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