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At ILikeSheds we can provide you with a wide range of bike sheds, they are available in a variety of sizes, styles and prices. The sizes start at 2ft wide and can go up to 14ft wide; this gives you a large choice so you can find the ideal bike shed for your garden. Bike Sheds usually have a shorter height than standard sheds, meaning that they will take up minimum space in your garden. The prices of the bike sheds will range depending on their size, style, thickness and quality.

To find your perfect bike shed you will firstly need to think of what type of roof you are looking for, whether it be apex or pent; but you don’t need to worry as we supply large amounts of both styles in which you can look through on our website to find which style you prefer. You will also have to decide whether you want an overlap or tongue and groove shed; we do recommend that you go for our tongue and groove options as they last longer than overlap, they are stronger and they have a smoother finish to them. The majority of our bike sheds are pressure treated, this means they are maintenance free. After the product has been built and there will be no need to treat the product every year providing you with great savings over the years. We also offer single or double doors on our products to help you if you have larger items going into the bike shed and to provide you with easy access in and out of the shed. You can also have the option of having your shed with or without windows; although if you do choose to have windows it will allow natural light into the shed and totally brighten up the interior.

With all our products we do try and deliver them to you as quickly as possible. Made to order buildings may take a little longer to be delivered. However, we have a small range of our bike sheds in which we offer a 48hr delivery and a Saturday delivery service at a small added cost (providing that your postcode is covered for this service). We also provide an installation service on selected products which there is also an additional cost for the procedure. The installation service, if available, is listed on each product page. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We would like to ask that you already have a base prepared, we recommend paving slabs or a concreted area as they are the most durable and sturdy of bases. When preparing your base please make sure that you use a spirit level to make sure the area in which you intend your shed to be placed upon is level, as the building will not be sturdy on an uneven surface. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a base as we do supply a range of bases called Ecobase; this is a lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to a traditional concrete base which is strong and very durable. They are a fantastic base for any building due to them being quick and easy to install due to the interlocking grids. Pressure treated timber bearers are included with our wooden buildings. These bearers sit beneath the floor to raise the building off of the ground slightly, allowing air to circulate beneath the shed. If you are interested in purchasing an Ecobase along with your bike shed the only preparation you will need to do is prepare a level area, as an Ecobase can be laid on top of grass, soil, builders sand or pea gravel and cannot be placed on an uneven surface. Included with the Ecobase is plastic membrane which is to sit between the ground and the Ecobase. This prevents unwanted growth, such as weeds or grass, through your Ecobase which can lead to the floor of your shed getting damp and rotting.

If you have purchased a bike shed with the installation service, we will deliver the shed to you and then the following day we will send out our installation team but as mentioned earlier you will need to have a prepared base already so the team are able to build your shed on top of it right away. Before the team arrive we ask that the area has all been cleared so that there is plenty of room to erect the building. If there is no access round to the back of your garden, we ask that you could take the parts through your home and into the back garden as in most cases the team are not insured to be inside your home. The process of the build itself can take up to 3 days; but that will be completely dependent on the size of the shed. The team will arrive bright and early the following day after delivery ready to erect the building, and will try and have the build completed as quickly as possible.

Our installation team are a professional team who are friendly and have over 25 years of experience, so you are able to rest your mind knowing they will erect the shed correctly and to the highest possible standard.

There are many additional extra’s which you can purchase along with your bike shed such as a deluxe alarm kit providing you with extra security on your shed and keeping all your products safe. We also supply solar lights for added security; they are a fantastic product to have outside your shed. Another additional extra we offer are shelving stands which are available as a two stand set or a three stand set, they are also supplied in three different heights, 3ft, 4ft and 5ft. The Shelving stands are ideal to have inside your shed, helping you to keep the shed tidy and organised. We also sell 5L treatment tubs which we recommend you use to treat your shed with within six weeks of the erection of your building. The product is a water base treatment which helps to keep your shed looking brand new. Our tubs of treatment are available in a selection of colours, such as, Evergreen, Cedar Red, Golden Brown or Dark Brown.

Our sales team will be happy to quote you with any prices and they will provide answers for any queries or questions you wish to ask.


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Kelly Hudson, 27 Mar 2023

Really pleased with new garden shed arrived as described, no issues with delivery, putting together and no damage. Very happy with purchase looks great. Thanks guys

Austin Bishop, 10 Apr 2023

Brilliant website with very informative information. very easy to understand as regards all the items that were for sale. The ordering process was also very easy to follow and do. picking your delivery date again is very easy to understand and do. All in all, a very easy and pleasant experience well done to iLikeSheds.

Lynne Leedham, 24 May 2023

Really impressed arrived before due date, really sturdy and easy to assemble

Gina Glover, 9 Jun 2023

Great customer service, answered all the questions I had. Exceptional delivery service, delivery driver went out of his way to put my shed where I wanted it. Everything okay

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