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We have a wide range of workshops. Sizes starting at 9ft x 6ft and going all the way up to the large size of 13ft x 18ft. With many sizes in-between, we are confident you will find just the workshop you desire. Our workshops are available in different shapes, sizes and materials.

To find our range of workshops, simply click ‘Workshops’ at the top of our web page. The Workshops are listed in price order, low to high. The page also features size options at the top of the page making this easier for you to search just the size you need without going through pages of products irrelevant to your requirements.

We have overlap workshops which consist of each panel of wood overlapping the other. For the overlap buildings, the wood is usually slightly thinner panels used. The overlap workshops are great value for money to suit your price budget. The other option is tongue and groove, where each panel of wood interlocks with one another creating a smoother finish to the walls. The tongue and groove sheds are usually thicker panels too giving you a stronger, sturdier building.

Most of our buildings are only pre-treated, we would then recommend you treat the shed once it’s been installed and then once or twice a year, every year. This is to protect the wood against winter weather, preventing rotting of the shed. By doing this, we provide you a 10 year anti rot warranty. Wood is a living product so it is important you take care of it. For a selected range of our workshops we offer are pressure treated. Pressure treated sheds do not require further treatment unless you chose to. If you did decide to treat the shed because you may wish to simply change the colour of the building to customise it to your own personal preference, this wouldn’t be a problem providing you use a paint specifically for wooden, outdoor buildings. The pressure treated buildings also include a 10 year anti rot warranty.

With regards to the shapes and designs of the workshops we have to offer, there is lots to choose from. Such as the option of a Pent roof or an Apex roof. A pent roof is a flat, sloping roof, they are usually designed to be higher at the front and slope down to the rear of the building. Sometimes the pent roofs will slope from the left to the right or right to left. Pent roofs prove useful if you need a building which isn’t too tall and are limited to height restrictions. Apex roofs are a traditional pointed roof where the two roof panels start at the wall height then meet to a point in the middle. Perfect for adding extra height in the building allowing you to move around inside the workshop with ease or giving you the option add tall shelving units inside to help keep your workshop tidy and organised.

There are also options of workshops having a single door or double door. Single doors are great to provide you more inside storage space. However, the double doors are particularly useful as you are able to fit larger items through the doors to store inside. Some of the larger workshops feature both – double doors and a single door. The perfect all-rounder! This provides you the ability to store large items inside yet when not in use to keep the large double doors locked and to use the single door just for access in and out.

Whether you require windows is another choice you would need to make. Some people prefer to have no windows for security reasons, this prevents people peeking inside. Whereas others like to have windows to allow light into the building. Some of our workshops feature just one window, others have a number of windows. Your choice of windows is purely based on your own preference.

Our workshops are delivered flat packed in pre made panels. With your delivery, you will receive the fixings required to carry out the installation of your workshop as well as the full instruction manual. We would recommend two people assemble the workshops so that one person can hold the panels in place whilst the other person fixes the pieces together.

If you are concerned about carrying out the installation yourself, there is no need to worry as we have an installation service available on selected workshops for an additional extra cost. Our installation team have many years’ experience and are reliable, providing you peace of mind your new workshop will be assembled to the best possible standard. The only thing we ask is that your base is prepared prior to the delivery of your workshop. We advise this whether you are building the workshop yourself or if you are having our team of installers. Your base needs to be a clear, level area made up of paving slabs or a concreted area. This provides the best possible base for your new building. All our wooden buildings include bearers which run beneath the floor to raise the building off of the ground slightly. This provides an air flow under the floor of your workshop preventing the floor getting damp and rotting.

There are many uses for workshops, maybe it is something you have always wanted to be able to create your own get away. To be able to carry out your hobbies or to carry out some work. Maybe you just like the thought of a larger shed to simply use for storage. The possibilities are endless as to what you can make of your new workshop.

If in the unlikely circumstance you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us for a bespoke quote – yes, that’s right, we can have workshops made to order. Simply contact us either via email or by phone with the measurements you require the workshop to be, the number of windows you require and the door type you desire and we can then provide you a quote to have your own custom shed made completely to your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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Kelly Hudson, 27 Mar 2023

Really pleased with new garden shed arrived as described, no issues with delivery, putting together and no damage. Very happy with purchase looks great. Thanks guys

Austin Bishop, 10 Apr 2023

Brilliant website with very informative information. very easy to understand as regards all the items that were for sale. The ordering process was also very easy to follow and do. picking your delivery date again is very easy to understand and do. All in all, a very easy and pleasant experience well done to iLikeSheds.

Lynne Leedham, 24 May 2023

Really impressed arrived before due date, really sturdy and easy to assemble

Gina Glover, 9 Jun 2023

Great customer service, answered all the questions I had. Exceptional delivery service, delivery driver went out of his way to put my shed where I wanted it. Everything okay

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