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White Christmas 2013? | iLikeSheds

White Christmas 2013?

20 December 2013 0 Comments
  • Ilikesheds have teamed up with Weatheredge Meteorological Consultancy to bring you a Snow Forecast for the Christmas period. Overall we have to break it to you for those dreaming of a white Christmas it looks bad. A succession of low pressure systems moving in from the West are going to bring windy and wet conditions of much of the UK. Obviously over higher ground this may fall as snow but more blizzard then peaceful white Christmas scenes. For the rest of us living lower down it will be more of the unsettled autumn rain, wind and showers. Although Christmas day itself does look like it may fall on a more peaceful gap between weather fronts with temperatures dropping down to around 1-2 degrees but even this chance of a frosty white Christmas morning is probably going to be thwarted by increased cloud from the West raising the temperatures again. We would recommend saving the £5 White Christmas Bet money to buy a drink whilst snuggled up inside out of the wet and windy conditions which will predominate.

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