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Britain's oldest shed, located in Chiswick, gets some new threads | iLikeSheds

Britain's oldest shed, located in Chiswick, gets some new threads

28 January 2015 0 Comments Sheds


    Britain's oldest shed, located in Chiswick, gets some new threads


    - Courtesy of fashion designer Eley Kishimoto -

    A bespoke shed with a leaking roof and rotting walls residing in Chiswick has been found to be Britain’s oldest shed.

    Shed of the Year sponsors, Cuprinol, scoured the nation to find the UK’s oldest garden retreat and commissioned fashion duo, Eley Kishimoto, to cheer it up by adding their style to a shed that when it encountered the slightest breeze would send the whole structure shaking.



    The shed owner, Kate Wilson, was given the shed by a 94 year old friend with neither owner knowing when it was built, or even who built it.

    Kate said, “I am delighted that my shed was chosen as one of the ‘UK’s worst and oldest sheds’ and that it has been given a new lease of life. I look forward to seeing whether someone else can trump me with their own shed!”



    On the new design of her shed Kate said, “The new colours from Cuprinol that Eley Kishimoto chose are absolutely terrific – you certainly can’t miss it. I can’t wait to invite my friends down to my allotment to show it off. The team have transformed what was a dilapidated, worthless shed into a one-off, priceless piece of art.”

    The husband and wife duo behind the fashion house, Eley Kishimoto, have taken time out of their busy schedule to brighten up Britain’s gardens with Cuprinol’s new range of garden paint.



                                                                     Shed owner Kate Wilson

    After finding more than one shed that could do with a make-over, Cuprinol is now opening a nationwide competition searching for the shed most in need of love, giving the winning shed a total transformation by Eley Kishimoto. The dynamic duo will redesign the nations saddest shed using Cuprinol’s colourful garden shades range and turn it into something they believe to be the ultimate garden sanctuary.

    Mark Eley of Eley Kishimoto said, “I spent many days of my childhood in my grandfathers shed. A shed is a real British institution and it was great to bring in our team to put our own specialised print on this sad shed and add some personality and colour. Our pattern combined with some of the new colours in the Cuprinol Garden Shades range makes for a perfect fashionable shed”

    The Posy Ivy print, which covers this shed, was originally designed by Eley Kishimoto for their Spring Summer 2012 Collection.

    Cuprinol Marketing Manager, Kathryn Ledson said: “Sheds are becoming more and more popular as places where people can get away from the world for some ‘me time’. Commissioning Eley Kishimoto to create an amazing sanctuary has been fantastic, and really proves that Cuprinol colours can help you bring out the best in your garden, even

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