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Move Over Man Caves!

6 November 2015 0 Comments
  • Move over man caves! Sales of she-sheds jump by 50% as women look for their own place for their hobbies or to relax

    • Women have cottoned on to joy of having a space they can call their own
    • The she-sheds cover everything from summer houses to log cabins
    • Man’s shed is often a repository for rusting tools and unfinished projects
    • But omen use theirs as creative space for hobbies, an office or to chill out

    But while a man’s shed is often merely a repository for rusting tools and unfinished DIY projects, women use theirs as a creative space for hobbies, an office – or simply to chill out.

    The rise in sales to women over the past six months compared to the same period last year was reported by Homebase.

    Many are to accommodate self-employed female entrepreneurs who want to work alone but within touching distance of their home and family. This includes those who need an office or a workshop, studio or other creative space.

    But in the same way that some men like to equip their ‘sheds’ with TV sets or even a pub-style bar, many women simply want an area where they can relax on their own.

    Alexei Cowan, Homebase’s head of trends, said: ‘It's no secret that women love having a space to call their own and a she-shed is no different'.

    'More and more women are working from home and running their own businesses and the she-shed is an ideal space to create a pop-up office'.

    ‘Another factor contributing to this trend is the unpredictable British summertime. Waiting for sunshine to appear can be no fun'.

    ‘So having additional inside space means women have a place which is not only theirs, but is also an extension to their garden – no matter what the weather.’

    - Daily Mail

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