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These DIY Slanted Planter Is The Best Summer Project | iLikeSheds

These DIY Slanted Planter Is The Best Summer Project

26 July 2016 0 Comments
  • These DIY Slanted Planter Is The Best Summer Project

    What you need:

    ·         One 10 inch terracotta pot

    ·         Four 6 inch terracotta pots

    ·         One 10 inch terracotta saucer

    ·         One 3 foot metal rod

    ·         Spray Paint

    ·         Outdoor Industrial glue



    -Spray paint all of the pots and the saucer to your desired color
    -Insert the metal rod into the ground, making sure it is sturdy and will not tip over.
    -Place the 10 inch pot onto the rod by putting the rod through the drainage hole on the bottom of the pot. Once in place, fill that pot with soil soil.
    -Next, place your first 6 inch pot onto the rod and set it into the soil. Tilt the pot as far leftwards as the drainage hole will allow.
    -Place the second 6 inch pot onto the rod. The bottom of the second 6inch pot should rest on the rim of the first 6 inch pot. Tilt this pot the opposite direction of your first 6 inch pot.
    -Repeat that process until you get to your last pot. Secure each pot the the pot below it by using the industrial strength glue.
    -For the last 6 inch pot, place it on the rod as you did for the other pots, but this pot will sit upright. Apply an ample amount of glue to the rim last slanted pot and rest the final pot on top of it. Hold the pot upright until it the glue becomes tacky.
    *If this is still not enough to keep your pot from tipping over, insert a pencil into the soil of the last slanted pot (erased side up) and rest the bottom of the upright pot on the eraser.
    -Once secure, apply glue to the entire rim of the top pot. Then, sit your saucer on top.
    -Pot plants in the bottom 4 pots and fill the saucer with bird seed.



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