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She Sheds Are Women’s Answer to the Man Cave | iLikeSheds

She Sheds Are Women’s Answer to the Man Cave

30 September 2016 0 Comments
  • The she shed is a rising trend that gives women a private oasis right in their backyard. It’s the women’s answer to the popular man cave and has become a haven designed as a place that women can go to escape and rejuvenate from their hectic everyday lifestyles.

    A she shed removes a woman from the surroundings of her daily responsibilities to allow time to clear her head. It’s is the perfect way to free oneself of obligation. It’s a home away from home while not being too far away so, if duty happens to call, one can return in a moment’s notice.

    The unique designs and intricate details of the she sheds are what make them so fascinating. No two are alike and each one fits perfectly in its surroundings.

    One of the great things about a she shed is it can be designed to perfectly fit any style. The pop of purple on the inner doors of the shed below give a bit of personality to a neutral area when opened to let in the fresh breeze. A perfect setting to enjoy sweet tea on a hot summer day.

    The main purpose of a she shed is to create a peaceful atmosphere, soft colors and comfortable furniture to help set a tranquil mood — a place to decompress and release stress. This one has shelves of wine for those who don’t have a wine cellar or extra space in the home.

    Facebook/She Sheds

    While an open air setting is great for the summer months, she sheds with large, lavish windows is a great alternative for cold or rainy days. Women will still be able to enjoy their hideaway with a vast array of windows to let in sunlight. If your home doesn’t have a screened in porch or covered deck, this is a great alternative.

    Facebook/She Sheds

    The she shed can also serve as a trendy place for storage. For garden lovers, it’s a great place to relax in between weeding and planting and when the day is done everything can be put back into one spot.

    Flickr/Scott Lewis

    You see where a man cave calls for games, television and football, the women’s alternative is a quiet place to spend time focusing on themselves. A necessity not often used enough these days. The she shed is a great way to make that happen.

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