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Turn your shed into Santa's Grotto

10 November 2016 0 Comments
  • As we approach the festive season turning your garden shed into Santas grotto could add an exciting touch to your garden and neighbourhood.

    First thing to do to turn your shed into Santas grotto is to tidy your shed to create extra room. Easily done if you have a large garden shed or garden workshop, less so if you only have a small shed or budget shed! You can create room by moving things from your shed to another storage place is one is available, such as your garage or a spare room in your house after all, this will only be for a few weeks!

    The main aim when turning your shed into Santas grotto is to create a warm, inviting room, so some warm colours, hanging fabrics and perhaps even a small heater should help create just the right atmosphere for visiting Santa in his grotto!

    So to help create Santas grotto in your shed you need to decorate your shed as best as you can to fit the festive theme and to make it look like your garden shed is in fact at the North Pole! If painting your shed seems a little too permanent, then hanging some coloured fabric would help to soften the contours of your shed. Perhaps some white sheets would add a snowy back ground, and you could add some red and green trim around the doors and windows.

    Another option you have to help turn your shed into Santas grotto is to hang fairly lights inside to help create that warm, glowing atmosphere, as well as a little bit of greenery such as mistletoe.

    Of course one of the major items you will need in your Santas grotto shed is a Christmas tree with presents underneath to give to the children who have been good this year, and a comfortable chair to sit on.

    If you're rigging up the garden shed to surprise the kids, come up with a few extra surprises, like a beloved relative or family friend popping up, a special edible treat or a phone call from Santa saying he's on his way. You could also prepare a Christmas themed treasure hunt, such as "find the reindeer." Put on some festive music, crack open the mulled wine, make reindeer footprints on the shed roof, and you're ready for Christmas Eve.

    Written by Bill

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