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A Guide to Ecobases

13 November 2019 0 Comments
  • Recycled plastic ecobases are a practical and easy solution to the question of "which shed base is right for me?". Depending on how flat your intended shed area is, they can require very minimal ground work before they are placed and provide a sturdy, long-lasting surface that your shed can rest on top of. They also weigh less than most of the alternatives, meaning you can make light work of getting your base into place!

    The base will arrive in separate grids. The amount that you receive will vary on the size of the base. You will also receive a plastic weed membrane with the base delivery. This will ensure that you will not have any pesky shoots coming up through the base, whilst still allowing for water drainage into the below soil. 

    For the installation of the base, we recommend also having the following handy:

    • a tape measure
    • string
    • some pegs
    • a spirit level
    • a rake
    • a spade
    • scissors or a knife

    Now you have the necessary tools at your disposal, lets get into how to lay your base.

    1. Mark out the area where you would like your base to go, using the pegs and string. This is useful especially if you are not 100% sure where you would like to position your base ahead of starting any ground work. 
    2. Use the spirit level to measure how flat the area is. You can use the rake to work on any soil that needs moving, or in extreme cases you may need to use the spade if the area is extremely uneven. We would recommend digging out a recess for the base to rest in, however this is not mandatory if the ground is already level. If you would like the base to be level with the surrounding ground, dig a recess of about 65mm deep. 
    3. Once the ground has been prepared, lay your plastic weed membrane. Use the pegs to secure this membrane in place until you have placed the grids over the top of it. 
    4. Connect your grids together. You can now place these grids over the top of the weed membrane. Once the base is fully in position, you can now trim the weed membrane if desired.

    Your shed base is now ready to be built on, however you can also add pea gravel to the grids. This is completely optional, but pea gravel can help with drainage and make the base even more solid and reliable. Just using gravel around the edge of the base will also help to weigh down the weed membrane if you have not dug out a recess for the base. We recommend using gravel with is at least 10mm in diameter and you will need about 10kg per grid. 

    If you have any questions about the base requirements for your shed, please feel free to contact our sales team on 020 3795 0222. 

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