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Treating Your Garden Building

  • One of the key ways that you can extend the life of your garden shed is through the treatment. Pressure treated sheds are already pre-treated with preservatives that penetrate into the wood to protect it from rot, however to really extend the life of your building, we do recommend that the timber is still treated to weatherproof your shed. This also protects the wood from UV rays which can lead to the wood greying and can also lead to the wood developing splits or cracks, or warping, especially in hot weather.

    If your shed is not pressure treated, it will have received a dip treatment which protects the shed through storage and delivery of the item. In this case, we highly recommend for your shed to be treated to protect the wood from rot.

    There are different treatments available to protect your shed. These usually have one of two different bases – solvent or water. Solvent-based treatments offer better protection against mould, rot and insects as they penetrate deeper into the wood, however water-based treatment is more environmentally friendly.

    If you are treating a shed for the first time, the wood will not need any preparation. If you are applying further treatments, the shed may need a bit of a clean-up to ensure that your fresh coat of treatment is applied evenly. You can use sandpaper to remove areas of loose or patchy paint or treatment before applying a fresh coat. If you are treating a new shed, treatment can be applied to the panels prior to building the item for a more uniform finish.

    Stains and varnishes repel water and filter UV rays which will extend the life of your shed, however if you are looking to bring some colour to your garden building, wood preserving paints are also available. These are better than ordinary gloss paints as they are flexible, crack resistant, flake and peel less and do not need a primer or undercoat, however they can also be painted over existing wood stain for further protection.

    For stains and varnishes, you can apply an oil-based primer which will add an extra layer of protection and the treatment will also apply more evenly. If you are using a primer, treatment should be applied after this has fully dried. Treatment should be applied in dry conditions over 5 degrees Celsius. At least 2 coats should be applied to both the exterior and interior of the building, ensuring that you leave enough time for the first coat to dry before applying the second.

    If you are looking for a further layer of protection, wood treatment oils can be applied after your treatment has been applied. Wood oils penetrate deeply into the wood and help protect the panels from splits or cracks as they keep the wood nourished. Please wait 24-48 hours after applying treatment to apply a wood oil to your building.

    If you would like to take further steps to avoid moisture building up inside your shed, there are some low-cost insulation methods that can be used on the interior of your shed. Bubble wrap or fibreglass can be used to protect the inside of your building.

    Armed with your new knowledge, you can now go forth and treat your garden building with the confidence that you will be getting the best from your item!

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