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Many people choose a windowless building for security reasons. To prevent people peeking inside. This is a great idea if you desire to store valuable items or maybe even sentimental items.

Windowless sheds are available in the majority of shapes and sizes. From small storage sheds to large workshops.  Available with a pent roof which is a flat, sloping roof or an apex roof which is a pointed roof. With a choice of double doors which are perfect for storing larger items or a single door providing more inside space. There are also standard pre-treated windowless sheds available which would require you treat once you have built the shed and also once or twice a year, every year. Alternatively, we offer pressure treated windowless sheds which do not require any additional treatment. Not only do we supply windowless wooden garden sheds, we also have a range of windowless metal sheds and also windowless plastic sheds which are available in many sizes. Each choice is based purely on personal preference. The metal sheds and plastic sheds are maintenance free but do not include a floor.

We advise a concreted or paved area is prepared in time for your shed to be delivered and situated on to for any type of shed or building you choose. If you do not have a concreted or paved area, we offer additional bases, such as the Ecobase which is made up of plastic eco grids which simply interlock, grid by grid creating a perfect economical base which is guaranteed to provide you a strong durable base, which will last you many years. We also offer a timber base which is made up of timber bearers in a frame for your new shed to sit on top of. You would however need to fill the Portabase with concrete or gravel. The Portabase is simply a grid like frame made from timber. Both the Ecobase and the Portabase are available in many sizes and are listed in the additional extras on each product listing.

Overlap wooden windowless garden sheds are available which means each individual piece of wood overlaps one another. The overlap sheds are from our affordable range – perfect for storing all your garden tools. If you require a more secure shed, you could upgrade your new building and choose a tongue and groove shed. Tongue and groove consists of interlocking panels creating a stronger more durable, secure shed. If you have decided you would like the very best, strongest shed you can get, we have windowless sheds which are tongue and groove throughout. These consist of tongue and groove walls, a tongue and groove floor and a tongue and groove roof. Our sheds which are tongue and groove throughout are simply the most durable, secure shed you can possibly own.

All of our windowless sheds are delivered in pre made panels making it easier for you to build or move around. Included with your delivery will be the full instruction manual and the fixings you will require to build the shed, such as nails and screws. We would always advise at least two people build the shed. This makes it easier, so that one person can hold the panels, the other person can secure the panels together.

If you are concerned about building the shed yourself – no need to worry. For many of our buildings we have an installation team available for an additional cost, who have many years’ experience. They are reliable and efficient. Providing you the peace of mind your new shed will be installed perfectly.

In the unlikely event you cannot find what you are looking for, simply contact us either by email or by phone to let us know what it is you require as it may be possible we can have your perfect shed made to your requirements.

There are many possibilities of what you can use your new windowless garden shed for. Such as a simple storage shed for all those garden tools and items you simply don’t have room for in your home. Maybe you require your new building as a workshop for fixing those all-important items. You could add electrics into the shed or workshop so you can add electrical appliances such as an extra fridge or freezer. Or if you have added electrics to your new building, you could make into a play room for the children or even a man cave with a darts board and pool table. If you are thinking of adding electrics into your shed, please seek advice from an electrician first.

Our wooden sheds all include a 10 year anti rot warranty. On pre treated products – your guarantee stands only if you treat your shed once or twice a year, every year. Wood is a living product so it is highly important you look after your shed.

The estimated delivery times for our Wooden Windowless sheds differ between each product. For our Escape range, the estimated delivery times are 3-10 working days. For the Marlborough range the estimated delivery time is 10 working days. The Oakham sheds are on an estimated delivery of 15 working days and the Worcester are on an estimated delivery time of 7 working days. You may find the windowless sheds take slightly longer to have delivered compared to standard windowed sheds. This is because some of the windowless sheds are made to order so delivery can take that bit longer. We will not turn up unannounced with your goods, we will always contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date with you. If you have any concerns regarding delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our drivers are only obliged to deliver to the kerbside as they are not insured to be on your property. However, it is up to the driver’s discretion if they help you move the panels to where you require. So please ensure you have someone to help you move your goods to where you require.

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Kelly Hudson, 27 Mar 2023

Really pleased with new garden shed arrived as described, no issues with delivery, putting together and no damage. Very happy with purchase looks great. Thanks guys

Austin Bishop, 10 Apr 2023

Brilliant website with very informative information. very easy to understand as regards all the items that were for sale. The ordering process was also very easy to follow and do. picking your delivery date again is very easy to understand and do. All in all, a very easy and pleasant experience well done to iLikeSheds.

Lynne Leedham, 24 May 2023

Really impressed arrived before due date, really sturdy and easy to assemble

Gina Glover, 9 Jun 2023

Great customer service, answered all the questions I had. Exceptional delivery service, delivery driver went out of his way to put my shed where I wanted it. Everything okay

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